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Possessed Mentalities is a journey into the worlds of madness, violence, and sex. Many media journeys are dramatized. Some are factual. Some are fallacious. Do you know the difference?

How do you manage trauma? Are you guilty of discrimination? Do you live in a safe stable community? Ponder these and other questions as you read Possessed Mentalities.

Maxene Kleier hasn't just safely seen madness, violence, and molestation on a TV screen in

front of her or indifferently read newspapers. Insanity, sexual violation, and murder are parts of the script of her life. Join her when she revisits the tumultuous events of her life with a vision that only the passing of time can bring. Read what she reveals on her journey as she bares her soul, shares her insights, and asks you to consider her learned lessons. Then make decisions about your own beliefs and mores.

Possessed Mentalities is an enlightening reference for everyone.


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